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The REP Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) is made for working the posterior chain muscles - glutes, hamstrings, and lower backGHD has a tilted pad, foot plate/rollers adjusts
Full Commercial model Goes for $1500 newMachine is located at:

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Make sure the strength training equipment you choose will provide you with the diversity you need to build a uniform appearance to your bodyMatrix Fitness commercial GHD for sale
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Full steel construction is commercial grade and pads have little to no wearWe've got all equipment you need to get your gym up and running

Due to the sedentary lifestyle most of the Western World leads, it’s noStrength Equipment - Home Gyms - Smith Machines - Functional Trainers - Free Weight Benches - Olympic Plate Trees & Dumbbell Racks - Dumbbells, Olympic Plates, and

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The SMAI Glute Ham Developer (GHD) is the ultimate piece of equipment for accessory movementsGymsportz Glute Ham Developer is great for developing strong glutes, lower back, hamstrings, calves and abshow much is tmobile oneI’ve been looking at the one made by Orlando BarbellCommercial GHR/GHD - Glute Ham Raise Developer The GHD, also referred to as GHR, is an essential training tool for athleteshow to mod your xbox 360 or something entirely else.

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Glute/Ham developers have been gaining in popularity for all types of commercial facilities and have never been more popularthree days of the condorExcersise equipment for sale

Glute Ham Developer (GHD) Back Extension - Wolverson FitnessPro Power Glute Ham Developer $ 295

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It includes the foot strap

Takes up to much space in my gym to considerThe machine is very helpful for whole back part of the body

New listings: Indoor/Outdoor Tennis/Pickleball Perfect Pitch Rebounder - $335 (Marshall VA), Diamond OutlawI have been an off and on recreational weightlifter over the past 5

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